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Logo Design

A logo is more than a graphic emblem. It should sum up your brand identity succinctly. It should have impact; positioning and promoting your business or product in an unmissable way.

AD Advertising and Design create logos that look good and work hard. That’s because we listen to you, and take time to understand your business and market, before developing concepts that are the best vision of your business or operation.

Direct Mail

Working in partnership with our sister company for business mailing data, we can help you to generate hot leads for your business, - these can be be used as part of a e-Broadcast or as a Direct Mail piece, either as a postcard or letter bringing you the business success you want and need.


Web Design

We believe in exceptional customer service at the outset, we work closely with businesses to learn and understand their overall objectives and aspirations. We strongly believe it is this process that means we can create truly engaging, though provoking and impactful websites that will stand the test of time.



Visual concepts should be eye-catching, but should also have a reason behind every element.

AD Advertising and Design takes a detailed brief for graphic design projects, and then makes sure every colour, detail and effect has the right impact.

Whether you need graphic design work for education, information, entertainment or to influence, our creativity and business acumen can make sure you’re 100% happy with the result.



AD has received some of its best accolades for book design and publishing, this is a real passion for us and something we treat with real care and understanding. We are able to compile photography and illustrations for you and even advise you on things like - translations, printing, stock imagery etc.

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